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I FOUND My Girlfriends SECRET BASE In GTA 5 RP! If you enjoyed this video, watch more here: kgworld.info/wiki/video/ss2wgNCAg3t_tWo
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Can't Stop Won't Stop - Mighty & High

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  • I love it when you said”get Backhere love of my life”!

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  • What do GTA V

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  • [SECRET]

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  • So funny the part he said “get back here love of my life”!

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  • I am getting fortnite grotto vibes

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  • Kwebbelkop:she just shot that man! Me:than just snipe her leg and confront her of why she is sneaking out

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  • Kwebbelkop:when did that tractor come from?! ME:in your face

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  • Is it Ozzy or is it just a bar she's kind of being suspicious we should leave a comment down below to see and I mean you should make a part 2

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    • @golden flowers i think the old Gf of kwebbelkop i dont really remember

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