KIDNAPPING YouTuber Girlfriends In GTA 5

2021-ж., 12-мар.
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KIDNAPPING KGworldr Girlfriends In GTA 5! If you enjoyed this video, watch more here:
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  • 4:13 boss battles be like:

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  • I have the fastest car in GTA v

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    • What kind of car

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  • Imagine jelly watching this be like: YOU PIECE OF CR** (NO SIGNAL)

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  • Jellys car is more cooler

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  • That car is a pegani haurya

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  • Did you know the jellies girlfriend does not play GTA five plays Minecraft and her name is Brianna

    Luna WolfLuna Wolf9 күн мурун
  • I thought that wanna was jellys girlfriend

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  • You both have the same cat

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  • Just my dad and her dad so I am like cutting it a free meal😐

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  • Why would josh have a green car

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  • Why is sanna in the thumb nail

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  • Sorry Jody but why do you not have a better gun

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  • Hi mr beast

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  • 4:55 😂

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  • House moves to these birds how's Mr. Pease how's Mr. Beast sponsor by this

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  • Dude I want to tell Jay I'm going to tell Jay that you stole his girlfriend

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  • Mr beast what?

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  • Jelly's Gf is sanna

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  • It was awesome but it would be really cool if it was really sanna

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  • Jelly's girlfriend is called iamsanna

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  • July’s gf name is Santa, ik ik, she is a girl,but her name is just that,

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  • 5:24 holy macaroni

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  • Your videos are very very suck by the way jelly's girlfriend is saying

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  • His girlfriend is sanna

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  • How many Indians here and how many malayali heri

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  • U r a good utuber bro I love you so much and ur videos. U know our Indian youtuber mythpat is inspired by you

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  • Now we now Jordi's true colors

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  • Why does the red hoodie guy looks like caylus

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  • Bruh worse vid ever seen

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  • There going to steal sanna!

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  • Why when you killer slogs gf it . Has died and when you killed pewdepiws gf it said . Has died

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  • Jelly's girlfriend is sanna

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