Stealing Every Lamborghini From The Showroom In GTA 5 RP!

2021-ж., 19-мар.
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Stealing every Lamborghini From The Showroom In GTA 5 RP! If you enjoyed this video, watch more here:
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  • Place location please kweellkop

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  • Copy of perry goes wild

  • yall im in school waching this guy im a big fan

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  • kwebblekop: Has a bugatti Also kwebblekop: Im broke me: B)

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  • If you want it lamborghini huracan evo 2021 today youtube

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  • hahaha i love the part when he tries to cill you

    Marivel DavisMarivel DavisКүн мурун
  • super!

    Endless CarsEndless CarsКүн мурун
  • the "cheap" purple lambo is actually the most exspensive out of all of them at £4.5 million

    Slygamer 202Slygamer 202Күн мурун
  • Hey you about toyoytas

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  • your green like on the dan adreas

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  • What FiveM server is that??

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  • Half of these cars look like something you would find in sumo (remix) lol

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  • are the actual car brands only on pc?

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  • fuk you kwebbelop you are a lier

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  • How can u do this in gta

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  • I like that Lamborghini urus

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  • who is the fan of sian and terzo

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  • Wait you were driving a Bugatti

    master Playsmaster Plays2 күн мурун
    • A Bugatti is faster then every single car in the world

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  • 4:20 why didnt u call the cops?!

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  • I also like Lamborghinis I’m actually going to get one today

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  • Can you steal a bmw cars from the dealership

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  • Ur doing a great job on copying caylus👍

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  • theres always a chrome car

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  • Josh Temple,McLaren next

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  • Huh the urus is the cheapest the 4 door lambo is 200,000$ and the veneno is the most expensive it is 4,000,000$ to 8,000,000$

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  • He never took the keys of orange and chrome Bruh 😑

  • He never took the keys of orange and chrome Bruh 😑

  • Steal lots of car

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  • premunera på Big 3nok x Weyy o like musik videon

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  • the lambo police hit a car

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  • My guy why do you need a supercar if u got the Chiron bro

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  • do u really live in uk

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  • 8:25 its Lamborghini sian

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  • This is not real gta5 rp I like your vibs but this not real gta5 rp play the real one

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  • You live In the Netherlands not uk

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  • So first this is not gta rp and why did you copy Treyten

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  • Who is have lamborghini in gta online 😎😎😎

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    • I have lamborghini

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