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Can't Stop Won't Stop - Mighty & High

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  • 1:06 That's a freakin Lamborghini, You missed it bro 🤣🤣

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  • Why don’t you play with Lego and jelly anymore do you feel sad

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  • Lol that’s my house mudy banks 625

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  • Do you like the colour red because it's my favourite colour but you still one of my favourite KGworldrs and so slow go

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  • So kwebbelkop know caylus

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  • That was slog man

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  • do you know that nought had stole your car.....

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  • Oojjjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk is the day you get dropped off at the bus stop at home and get your car back in the morning and then go to get the bus stop 🚏 I

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  • I miss the old trio..

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  • OMG he found caylus

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  • It's not a farm it's a meth house

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  • 3:17 the guards name is poop like tf-

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  • Did anyone notice that his chest hair is edited

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  • I did not know Preston played GTA

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  • Shut up about Cabo coffee

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  • Why didn't you steal jelly's bike

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  • What's wrong with caylus's voice

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  • I love to say super bikes

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  • What if I have no family

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  • you a bad person I like them I hate you

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  • He blurs killchat when he kills

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  • Its Kinda sad that Hes using Jelly's name for views

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    • True

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    • Trueeeeee

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  • Are you jealous,that why your doing this

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  • Club o’clock I think that’s SokoSo go man I think I think you storejleeyBike

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  • Kwebblekop i love your videos im 9 im watching you everyday i love lambo

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  • Steel hero's car

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  • Preston does not play GTA5

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  • Kweb I used to like u just play with them stop roleplaying or else your channel is going to die

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  • this is so stupid clikbait I don't know why😂🤦‍♂️

  • 1:07 He was hit by a LAMBO lol

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  • Hero and cops has the same bike bro how you want to drive the same bike

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  • I'm glad he's back with her friends

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  • IAM your biggest fan

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  • btw preston does not even play gta

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  • Hey Jodi check u brothers song on hero

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  • this channel dead were good before but offence but u trash

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  • red is not jellys coloer

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  • JORDI i am sorry but i can never watch and support someone that takig jellys thing so yeah i unsub to u and left a dislike and yeah i amm soryy bye forever....

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  • I have an app i saw your skin number one fan

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  • And why does h Hero sound like he has disrea

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  • Damn Kwebbelkops channel is slowly dying on views

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    • @Gurinder lotey like Phineas and Ferb after their summer vacation no ideas left

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    • Because kwebbelkop is running out of video ideas

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    • Yeah cause it stupid

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    • Yeah it’s kinda sad tbh

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  • Please just actually record with them

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    • yeah

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  • I. M a fan of nought

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  • Its not cylas

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  • That's is not jellyhe looks green and has a cap

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  • There’s never a Lamborghini driving around why did you hit into one just like a mod or something

  • Me gta

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  • If yoy look closely when they killed the guards it said poop was murdered LOL

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  • Ar you alive

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  • Scripted Bruh -__-

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  • Kwebbelkops channel is dying

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    • Because kwebbelkop running out of video ideas

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